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Advantages of Brazilian furniture

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Reasons prove that brazilian contemporary furniture will be the best in the world
September 18, 2019

AFrom simple rope, metal, wood, leather, rocks and acrylics, to fine fabrics and even coins or stuffed animals, a huge variety of materials is one of the biggest draws. 

When it comes to Brazilian furniture, we can expect the best of creativity from great designers that can be seen in art museums worldwide, like MoMa, in NY.  But it´s not all about creativity using such things – many Brazilian designers are aware that the creation of their furniture must follow one of the main agendas of today: the concern for sustainability and the environment. Over the years, the industry has turned its eyes to independent Brazilian designers and helps spreading that this kind of art must go hand in hand with environmental awareness. 

Shapes Brazilian furniture

The authorial work combined with the knowledge of communities and artisans who master ancient techniques is a great manner of creating contemporary pieces that identify the Brazilian furniture as one of the most attractive and innovative in the world. Imagine the decoration of a house that has in its furniture the old and the modern combined – it can’t be better when it comes to decorating, as many of the pieces are created in limited numbers, what can be a very interesting item for art collectors too, as the unusual and sculptural colors and shapes of the Brazilian furniture offers a quieter alternative to the strictly functionalist modernism of the early 20th century and there is a growing demand for mid-century and contemporary design from Latin America and Brazil specifically by its strong presence at Design Miami (Miami’s annual furniture design event), design weeks in Europe, like Milan, Berlin, France and Barcelona and NY´s Design Week.

Brazilian furniture: the type of material adds value

The type of material adds value to the product that has a research by designers that connect creative line, history, raw materials and production to create their furniture.

Part of what enchants collectors is the new worlds they discover through their collections. They learn about a country’s history, culture, design and language and are excited to find out more. There have been a lot of progress over the last few years in design investment as a way of offering quality and exclusive products.

Many independent studios or designers appear on the market with consistent, personality-driven production, some bringing design closer to art. From the refined work appear unique and iconic born pieces. The idea of making not just furniture, but art, is one of the most attractive advantages of Brazilian designers. Furniture pieces are a fundamental part of a good interior design, and choosing well which pieces to use can transform and define the quality of the project as a whole. 

The boundaries between design, art and architecture can be difficult to identify in the Brazilian style. Brazilian furniture design combines traditional craftsmanship with modern materials and is reflected in two eras: the modernist between 1940 and 1960 often referred to as the “golden age” and the contemporary avantgarde of the last twenty years.

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