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Daniela Ziegler, has had her studio since 2000, graduated in Industrial Design - Visual Programming at UFSM, with postgraduate degrees in Product Design, Leader Coaching Management for Results, among other courses, such as print, surface design, branding, sales.

After a season in London with a stint at Saint Martins, he had contact with different aspects of design, which was decisive for a greater focus on the development of projects in the furniture segment. The minimalist design catches my attention, the product becomes unique, simple and discreet, yet attractive and clean.

Brazilian culture is one of the main sources of inspiration that Daniela Ziegler uses to develop her work, whether in design graphic, furniture, interior or prints. Because it is a rich and vast universe, it allows several starting points.

Thus, Daniela researches, delimits a theme and follows the creative process. Fashion is also an influence: shoes, the cut of a dress or the detail of a handbag, usually become a beautiful collection of furniture. "Inspiration is born from what we like and admire most, so it is natural that it comes from these aspects for me", says the designer.

The conception, however, goes much further. Daniela considers formal functional, aesthetic and factory factors. “It is important that the project has a visual refinement. I like timeless pieces, without the use of fads, as I create quality furniture, which must go through various times in a harmonious way in the environment ”, he considers.

That's how he developed iconic pieces in his portfolio, such as the Tobel sofa sideboard, from 2015; Bethânia banks, launched this year; the coffee table and sideboard of the Tapajós collection and the entire Legno collection, with pieces of demolition wood, designed in 2012 and which continue to stand out today.

The Tapajós collection was launched at the 23rd edition of ABIMAD, the Brazilian Furniture and High Decoration Accessories Fair, the main event in the segment in Latin America, with excellent acceptance. The collection is a tribute to Brazilian Indians. Both the coffee table and the sideboard have a very stripped-down look because they bring visual lightness combined with the sophistication of freijó laurel wood and leather.

The project was born around the design of the magazine, a kind of hammock arranged on the side of the coffee table. “I already knew that I would use leather to make this project. The way of attaching is very simple, as is the rest of the design of the coffee table, with clean shapes and slightly rounded edges ”, says Daniela about the creation process.

Leather, a starting element of Tapajós furniture, is an element that appears a lot in the pieces signed by the designer, as well as lighter wood - mainly reforested ones, such as freijó and tauari laurels -, raw fabrics and neutral tones. In projects, Daniela usually uses two types of materials, at most. Thus, it is possible to develop pieces the way she likes: clean and dry. “I see that pieces with a simpler design respond better when choosing.

My ingredient is the pleasure of solutions, that is, the path is very important. In it is the search, within the most diverse natures, mixes of materials and countless possibilities of results. Each project is received as a challenge. I work as a thinker, designer. I am pleased to combine shape, colors, intelligence, dimensions and technical refinement in a project that reaches the final consumer ”, reinforces Daniela.

Even working on several fronts of design, it is in the furniture that Daniela is most satisfied. She entered the area shortly after her course return at Central Saint Martins, in London, where she had a lot of contact with this segment. This happened in 2009 and, since then, several projects have been developed for several manufacturing partners - including Tissot Móveis, sold in Ribeirão Preto by the Robusti Group. The first pieces designed by Daniela resulted in a collection consisting of a coffee table, a sideboard and a side table.

The designer's greatest professional accomplishment, in fact, is related to this. For her, it was surprising when she started designing furniture and seeing success in sales of certain lines, in participation in fairs, with the partners who manufacture her projects and the shopkeepers who purchase the furniture. Today, there are pieces of it all over Brazil, some even abroad. “It is an achievement for a designer to see this real result of the projects that are born from a scribble. I love what I do. Each piece designed, manufactured and which enters the market is a huge satisfaction. ”, Concludes the designer.

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