Estúdio Paulo Alves - Designer Estúdio Paulo Alves

Estúdio Paulo Alves

A childhood in the countryside, Lina Bo Bardi’s legacy, artisanal joinery and the inspiration in concretism merge to build the work of Paulo Alves. The result is an expression of the Brazilian design. Seen in perspective, Paulo’s 20-year career reveals a creativity in which wood - and its natural and symbolic characteristics - is the focus. Always with amusing outcomes, his mastery and unique work takes us to the legacy of the great masters of the modern Brazilian furniture. Paulo is an architect  graduatedUSP - São Carlos. 

Before designing, he worked at Lina Bo Bardi’s office and also at Bardi Institute, joining the first research team to compile her files, in order to create the book and the exhibition of the Italian master just after her death. These experiences consolidated the major role that Lina’s work and her way of thinking played for Paulo, who noticed a bond between her reflections about culture and popular beliefs with his childhood in the countryside, in addition to the chance of using it in his own creations. Apartthe furniture and bespoke projects it also reflects on the architectural projects that he develops.
Rua Harmonia, 815
Vila Madalena - São Paulo - SP
CEP 05435-000 - Brasil