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Born in Caxias do Sul / RS, Guilherme Wentz holds a degree in product design from the University of Caxias do Sul and began his career in the Riva brand before opening his own studio. At his debut, he received important awards, such as the IDEA Brazil, Brazil Design Award and the international IF Design Award. With a studio based in São Paulo since 2014, Guilherme collaborates with important names of the national industry, besides his work as art director of Decameron. Under the age of 30, in 2013, he won the industry's top award, the IF Product Design Award in Hannover, Germany, with his debut collection, K, compposed of fruit bowl and platter.

At the same time, he won the IDEA Brazil Awards, Brazil Design Award. In 2016, he was named "America's Rising Talent" by Maison & Objet in Miami, and has pieces for sale at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art in the United States and launched his own brand, WENTZ, for authorial production. During Design Weekend 2019, Guilherme, who is the winner of the 2017 Casa Vogue Design Award, opens his first store, located in Jardins, neighborhood of São Paulo city. On August 20th, the new object design, furniture and lighting space was inaugurated, as well as the launch of his e-commerce.

The extreme simplicity of its products brings a very sophisticated concept and complex elaboration. The basic pieces seem improvised and there is the appeal and luxury of his work. Some of the reasons that led him to switch from business school to design were experiences he had at the time of direct contact with nature and new values he began to pursue, such as simplicity and a more casual lifestyle. This is the concept he takes for his work, believing that everyday objects can directly interfere with people's relationship with their home and the way they live. Sophistication can be the result of some aesthetic rigor and extensive work in cutting parts and developing production processes.

La Central and Eva were the first two chairs that he had the opportunity to design. Even with different materials, it has in common the main goal of minimizing the materials and shapes of the product while maintaining strength and comfort. Brazilian design has developed a lot in recent years and we are living a very important moment of transformation, as the industry and the market are more interested in authorial design.

As a new country and an area that is beginning to be further explored, Guilherme believes that there is a long way to learn to explore different production processes, further improve the quality of Brazilian production and, especially, to reach new levels of design discussion, linked to people's behavior, as we clearly see in the work of European designers. Outside Wentz, the production of limited edition pieces for galleries has been increased, aiming to design new typologies of products for houses, in partnership with the national industry.

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