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With only 16 years old, in 1997, Jader Almeida started working in a furniture factory in Chapecó / SC, where he went through practically all sectors, such as assembly, machining, transformation, prototypes, templates and preparation of dossiers and datasheets. At 18, he joined the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at UnoChapecó.

In 1999, Jader was already participating in discussions about new products. He sketched the first traces even before studying architecture at UnoChapecó. The first pieces he created were a table and a bar trolley, which are still a market success. In 1999, when he was already part of the furniture development team of this same factory, he participated in the development of a furniture collection that caught the attention of LinBrasil director Gisèle Schwartdburd.

In 2001, he joined the company team.

In 2004, at the age of 23, Jader was hired as a designer and creative director of Sollos by businessman Claudio Frank. In the early years, the designer made significant changes to the factory, which adopted a hybrid system in which CNC machines do the part machining, and the finishing is done manually. Since 2004, he has been developing products for industries, having as main partner the Sollos brand, also from Santa Catarina.

From 2007 onwards, he signed the authorship of the products designed by the brand. In the following year, the today acclaimed Bossa chair was selected to compose the collection of the Brazilian House Museum in São Paulo.

Also in 2008, he graduated as an architect and urban planner from Assis Gurgacz College.

In 2009, the first recognition took place at awards in Brazil.

In 2010 he was awarded for the first time by an international organization with an Idea Award for Linna armchair and an IF Product Design Award for Clip shelf.

In 2013, Jader joined the team of designers of the German brand ClassiCon.

In August 2014, during the São Paulo Design Weekend, the book "Jader Almeida, the timelessness of drawing" was writen by Adélia Borges, published by Editora C4.

In September 2015 began marketing its products in London and Paris, in partnership with the London label The Conran Shop. In December of the same year, he opened an exclusive space in Miami, United States.

Since 2008, Jader has been winning a number of awards:

2008 design awards

  • 22nd Brazilian House Museum Award: Bossa chair (selected for the exhibition collection)

2009 design awards

  • Idea Brazil: Cheig bench
  • the Casa Brasil Design Salon: Bossa chair
  • 23rd Brazilian House Museum Award: Matriz Collection (honorable mention)

2010 design awards

  • Idea Brazil: Ipanema armchair
  • IDEA Awards USA: Linna armchair
  • IF Product Design Award 2011: Clip system.

2011 design awards

  • Designpreis Deutschland 2012 (nominee): Linna armchair and Clip system
  • 25th Brazilian House Museum Award: Blade bench (1st place), Phillips bench (1st place) and Platta chair (2nd place)
  • The Good Design Award Chicago - USA: Loose clothes rack

2012 design awards

  • the 26th Brazilian House Museum Award: Dinner table (1st place)
  • Brazil Design Awards: Euvira armchair
  • The IF Product Design Award 2013: Mirah armchair and Milla chair
  • The German Design Award 2013 (nominee): coat hanger Loose
  • Red Dot Product Design Award: Loose coat rack

2013 design awards

  • Brazil Design Awards: Milla chair and Mirah armchair
  • Good Design Award Chicago - USA: Easy Chair
  • The IF Product Design Award 2014: Easy Chair and Mad Armchair
    The Red Dot Product Design Award: Mirah Armchair

2014 design awards

  • the 28th Brazilian House Museum Award: Bank table (1st place)
  • The W Design Award: Dinn table (featured)

2015 design awards

  • the 29th Brazilian House Museum Award: Clad chair (honorable mention), Twist table (honorable mention)
  • The Good Design Award Chicago - USA: Clad Chair
  • Architonic's Top 200 Designers: Jader Almeida
  • The IF Design Award 2016: Clad Chair

2016 design awards

  • the Restaurant & Bar Product Design Award: Twist table
  • the Top XXI Design Brazil Award: Clad chair
  • Brazil Design Award: Clad chair
  • The Good Design Award Chicago - USA: Mia Chair and Legg Dining Table

Products by designer Jader Almeida

Bossa chair

Designer Jader Almeidal Design Bossa Chair

The Bossa chair brings in its composition, the memory of formal elements of Brazilian culture, and is conceived from the principle of simplicity and sophistication. An amiable piece with contemporary elements, yet one that is not bound by fashion or trends, remaining up-to-date for years to come

Clad Chair

Designer Jader Almeidal Design Clad Chair

The fluid stroke design, inspired by Cycladic art, imparts lightness and delicacy to the chair. The anatomical shapes support the trunk in its entirety, while the bevelled twists and edges seem to transpose the resistance of the wood.

Bell Chair

Designer Jader Almeidal Design Bell Chair

The name itself indicates its meaning: beautiful, slender. With a slightly reduced scale approach, this piece is a perfect example of the balance between form and function. While the function is served by comfort, the form presents itself in a fluid and delicate way.

Easy Chair

Designer Jader Almeidal Design Easy Chair

The organic lines of the Easy chair reveal new shapes from the observer’s different points of view. Within its composition, there is a perfect balance between lightness and solidity, full and empty, in which the details reveal a rigorous character of design and construction.

Linna Armchair Chair

Designer Jader Almeidal Design Linna Armchair Chair

Licce Armchair Chair

Designer Jader Almeidal Design Licce Armchair Chair

Setti Chair

Designer Jader Almeidal Design Setti Chair

Mia Chair

Designer Jader Almeidal Design Mia Chair

The Mia line of products is full of subtlety and fluidity, perceived through the balance of scale, proportions and lines, besides the bevelled twists and edges, which seem to transpose the limit of the resistance of the wood. The chair was designed to compose the most diverse spaces, because its shape allows for numerous individual interpretations.

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