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Specialized in solutions that, through design, modify the user's relationship with products, Intervento works in the development of projects for industrial products. Located in the furniture hub of Bento Gonçalves, it has been consolidated by its assertive work and able to monetize positive results for its partners.

In seven years of experience, he has included in the portfolio names like Altero, MasuttiCopat, Akeo, Meber Metais, Telasul, Omega Viratto, Casa de Pedra, among others. Its multidisciplinary team has professionals who combine technical qualification and practical market experience.

Creating paths of prosperity for companies, through innovation, is the firm's big bet - which seeks to expand the possibilities for the future of its clients with differentiated approaches. This exercise follows a methodology that comprises three central stages: the Desirable, from the point of view of the user and the market; o Viable, considering the company's business intentions; and Practical, which assesses the technological condition.

Together, these points converge towards innovation and belong to a universe that synthesizes the conjugation of essential verbs such as defining, researching, generating ideas, testing prototypes, selecting, implementing and learning. This context characterizes Design Thinking, a model of thinking about design from the user's perspective, with a focus on innovation.

Design is the process that transforms a need into a product solution for the market. When thinking about this concept, they increasingly understand the fact that professionals working in this area need to be able to get involved in the different stages of the production process. It is no longer viable for a project to be conceived without the concern of later stages, such as its applicability in everyday life.

This is Intervento's line of action, in which the desirable, the viable and the feasible go together. The point of view of the user and the market, the company's business intentions and the assessment of the technological condition are taken into account in the enterprise that believes in this tripod with a focus on innovation. The Intervento's professionals try to get involved in all these steps, in a certain way at the same time, thinking as a whole.

Who is Juliana Desconsi

The product designer Juliana Desconsi signs innovative projects, which are recognized for conquering important awards in brazilian and international scenario: Innovation Award from FIMMA Brasil 2013, Salão Design Casa Brasil Award 2013, Design Award from the Museu da Casa Brasileira, House & Gift Design Awards (2013 and 2014) and IDEA Brasil are some examples.

The designer accumulates experience of more than a decade in the area of product development. She has a degree in Product Design (Caxias do Sul University, 2006), post-graduate and master in Design (Uniritter / Ritter dos Reis University), with a monograph in the cognitive psychology and research on Design Thinking area - references that assist her in the planning and creating differentiated products. Juliana is the founder and director of Intervento Design, specialized in developing solutions for companies in many different segments.

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