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Katia and Morgana Moraes Studio has operated in Brazil with architecture, interior and furniture design. The company bears the name of the sisters and partners, Katia Moraes, interior and furniture designer; and Morgana Moraes, architect. The main feature of the pieces they create is a design that merges aesthetics and timelessness. The Athos Table is inspired by the Sculptural Wall, work by Brazilian artist Athos Bulcao, which lies in the Chamber of Deputies, Parliament of Brazil, in Brasília, the capital of the country. It was created by Katia and Morgana Moraes Studio in honour of the artist and it has the support of Athos Bulcao Foundation (www.fundathos.org.br). The collection consists of three tables: a lacquered in olive green colour, the other white with cobalt blue and the third is Ironwood blade, all with glass tops. The Athos Table has a contemporary design and conveys a feeling of sophistication, as well as integrate Fine Arts to furniture.

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