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Leo Romano

Knowledge, creativity. Respect, commitment and dedication. Forty-five years old, of which twenty are dedicated to the making of design and architecture. An intense production. Restless and curious. His vast background allows him to move through the universe of creation (graduation in Visual Arts, Interior Design, Graphic Design and Architecture and Urbanism - Master in Visual Arts).

In his broad client list, projects stand out for colleges, banks, decoration stores, bars, restaurants, night clubs and others. Also highlight for residential projects in Goiânia and several squares. His designs include the designs of Sedna Lounge, Royal, Café de la Musique, Saccaro, Época Decorações, Maxim's and others. Author of several major brands such as Maxim’s, Primetek Computers and Quasar Dance Company.

Constantly, his work has been published in national and international newspapers, magazines and books, having been cover or featured in articles frequently. Critic and contributor to several local magazines. His last major publication is the book Leo Romano, in which the architect shows nineteen projects on 130 pages of an exclusive and deluxe edition. Featured in all searches by local and national associations.

Deca 2011 Award and Casa Cláudia 2011 Award. Top 100 Award (KAZA Magazine 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013) as one of the 100 most influential professionals in the national market. Expressividade Award 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 - Outstanding Architect for the whole of his work (winner for all editions of the award). Best Architect in Horizontal Condominiums Award. Keep Walking Award 2010. Several Casa Cor Goiás and Brasilia Awards for Best Environment, Boldest Environment, Best Space for Public Use. He won all the awards in the categories in which he competed, including the Best House Cor Space, Goiás 2013.

The innovation and boldness of the projects he signs, coupled with professional enhancement, guarantee him a market positioning focused primarily on unique aesthetic and spatial concepts, which makes Leo's work an example of authorship and identity. His inventive quality, plus the talent of his executive project work team, adds value and benefit to both corporate and residential clients.

You could say that Leo is printing his mark. He sensitively maps the present and anticipates the future. More mature, he preserves his daydreams and intuitions. Believe in aesthetics as a path to transformation and happiness.

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