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Marta Manente is undoubtedly one of the leading names in Brazilian design with international recognition and prominence. Tireless, she is always creating news for several leading companies in the market, such as the Starmobile Estofados de Garibaldi, in Serra Gaúcha.

More than a century ago, her Italian family crossed the ocean carrying only tools for handling wood and earth, as well as seedlings of grape vines. Her dedication, love for art, wood and wine has spanned generations and, over the last years, accompanies the designer through her work, with a nostalgic tone in design exhibitions throughout Brazil and around the world.

The values of their ancestors, rooted in their veins, as well as their typically Brazilian originality are present in every detail of their creations.

With precise design and striking features, this piece mixes all the charm of jequitibá wood with Italian high technology and the striking national terroir of hand woven cotton straw, resulting in a harmonious link between classic and contemporary.

After being part of Be Brasil, at ISaloni in Milan, she went to New York where she participated for the third consecutive year of ICFFNY, the elegant global design platform, presenting five collections, including her most recent creations, the Noce luminaires and, of course, her acclaimed swing Revoar, almost a logo of her work, focused on conceptual and sustainable design for large-scale production.

2018 and 2019 was really busy years for the designer. In September, in a collective of Brazilian designers supported by the Raiz Project, Marta participated in the exhibition "The Brazilian's sitting", at the Brazilian Embassy in London. And at the end of the year, in November, she was also present in the debut edition of Interprint's HUB Festival, expressively at the SANAA Building, a UNESCO world heritage site, in Essen, Germany - a building that combines industrial heritage with modern age , considered a work of architectural art. All of this, after signing a contract with the largest e-commerce in the USA, where it already has a vast collection of her portfolio being sold there: 1STdibs.

And that was it? No. Marta was invited to hold the first Wine + Design Show by creating an open-air Design gallery, among vineyards in the Wine Garden at Vinícola Miolo, during the winter season, from July to September of last year. “This concept was inspired by the European trend of adding wine and design, which together stimulate unique senses to its connoisseurs”, says the designer, who offered visitors of the winery the unusual experience of exploring the beautiful garden of the winery contemplating and experiencing its construction.

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