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Paulo Alves is nationally known by his works with wood. The architect, graduated from USP-São Carlos, specialized in furniture design and although not only working with wood, he became a sculptor of the tree - a craft that plays with creativity and, above all, with sustainability. In addition to furniture design and special joinery projects, this also translates into the architectural projects he developed in parallel. With just over 20 years of career, Paulo began his career in Lina Bo Bardi's renowned office.

The Italian-Brazilian artist was not only an important professional influence for Paulo, she was also an inspiration for one of his pieces - the Bo chair, which was the tribute the architect paid to his colleague. And it's not just the name that has earned references from the artist and architect - the straight lines that mark the armchair's style are a reference to Lina's genius in harnessing the materials and their concepts.

The chairs were made in Pinus to compose the interior of the SESC Pompéia theater in São Paulo. Perfect combination, since the chair ended up being part of the building created by his honoree. The SESC Pompéia is part of the list of architectural works left by Lina as a gift to the city. Bo is a chair for everyday use and can also be used as a support, side table and even a nightstand. A light, yet striking piece. Inspired by the culture of Brazil, added to what he learned in Bo Bardi's office and the art of woodworking, Alves' work is done especially to compose indoor and outdoor rooms with taste, sophistication and style.

The artist has a studio in operation in Vila Madalena - a neighborhood in São Paulo that traditionally houses art in its most diverse forms - a space where he creates, leaves his pieces exposed and sells them. Sideboards, bars and buffets - these are some of Paul's signature furniture examples, perfect for use in lobby, living and dining areas. With the furniture that can store any object that is needed in the decoration and further reinforce the style of the composition.

Vases, ornaments and crockery are some of the items that can perfectly add and be accommodated in any of these furnishings. Cabinets, chests of drawers and servants - these custom designed furniture are the right tips to make a room look beautiful. Not only do they help make clothes right, but they can accommodate TV sets, adornments, and bedside books.

Benches and stools - Benches and stools are ideal pieces for composing indoor and outdoor spaces. In any of the fields in which they are installed, the items help bring more rest and décor to the rooms. Gardens, balconies and balconies are the right areas for receiving furniture.

Chairs, armchairs and chaises - with authentic and unique appearance, the pieces signed by the designer are perfect to bring sophistication, charm and elegance to the composition of the spaces, as well as providing a lot of comfort. Always achieving astonishing results, his mastery of woodworking is the legacy of the masters of modern Brazilian furniture.

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