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It is in the peaceful midst of the bucolic and inspiring mountains of Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro's highland region, that Ricardo Graham Ferreira – oEbanista, creates and produces his pieces by hand, in a natural way, a true human time. Since 2006, Ricardo has been working on wood almost symbiotically, using traditional and artisanal techniques that he learned during four years of intense study with masters cabinetmakers from southern France and northern Italy.

His choice for “ebanesteria”, or woodworking, a rare craft in the contemporary world, arose from Ricardo's passion for wood and its endless possibilities. Respect for the material and the pleasure of bringing drawings to life with his own hands, using tropical hardwood acquired from sustainable forest management, or to work with real jewels - the rare reclaimed tropical wood species - comes to the artist from old demilished or other buildings are undoubtedly two of his greatest satisfactions as a professional.

This whole way of life happens alined with a true discourse, lived every day by Ricardo and his family - who lives a few meters away from his workshop - through renewable and sustainable processes that give real freshness in a saturated world by the urgency of virtual time. “The differential of my work is my expression, which had no school. That's where I use a more intimate knowledge, where individuality takes shape: curves, wood tones, fittings. It is a language, an object-shaped form of communication”, he explains.

Some items in its portfolio have already won the world for their originality and universal language, such as the Sela stool, famous for its perfect ergonomics and at the same time robust and lightweight design. The piece has already traveled the four corners of the world and received important awards. The same stool is manufactured both in his studio and now produced by the traditional Danish furniture maker PP Mobler, known for executing, through his “wood artists”, drawings by Hans J. Wegner, Zaha Hadid, Verner Panton, among others, placing Ricardo's work alongside world design giants. Like the Aragonez do Serrado Stool, another important piece of Ricardo's career, inspired by Trovador stool, the Brazilian cerrado and the medieval Spain of Miguel de Cervantes, which is manufactured by Elon Móveis de Design de Petrópolis, also in Rio de Janeiro. The Three Legged chair, another highlight of its collection, has fallen for collectors and lovers of good design.

Time and experience have given rise to Ricardo's desire to pass on the craft, “I believe that people are interested in my work because it is accessible, in the sense that we realize in it that each of us can do a play with their own. hands, with our own workforce. There are no shortcuts to hands-on learning and people recognize this quality in handmade work, ”adds Ricardo. For this reason, Ricardo gives lectures, chats and courses in Brazil and around the world, sharing his expertise with art admirers.

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