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 Sérgio Matos was born in Paranatinga (MT, Brazil) and graduated in Industrial Design at the Federal University of Campina Grande (PB), in 2005. During college, he worked as a production supervisor in a packaging industry.

 He says he would have given up his profession if he had not participated in a Sebrae Minas Gerais contest in 2007. It was during this period that he received the first prize in the furniture category, thanks to his bank called Ianomâmi.

 After this first conquest, Sérgio J. Matos' interest in the national industry increased and he started to produce new furniture. In 2008, the professional got a scholarship to study sustainable design at the University of Turin, Italy.

 The course was not started for lack of a document, but Sérgio remained in the country for a few months. It was then that he decided to send a portfolio to Salão do Móvel, thus guaranteeing his first contact with Marva Griffin, curator of Salão Satélite - an exhibition that reveals young design talents.

 Marva invited Sérgio to exhibit at Satellite in 2010. It took just three participations in the event for the designer's career to take off. With international repercussions, his work drew attention in several regions and is now recognized by the world.
 Having been born in a region close to the Xingu indigenous reserve, Sérgio learned to admire the local culture. Curiosity about the diversity of the forest, with its natural materials, made him adopt regional elements in his works. For him, it is important to value aspects such as history, memory, emotional ties and ancestral knowledge of peoples.

 More than function, design has the power to shelter history, memory and affective ties. It is from this perception - lined with the essence of Brazilianness - designer Sérgio Matos caters and nourishes the development of furniture and decoration products. All endorsed in the cultural cauldron with mestizo seasoning. The solid foundation of creation puts its feet in regionality, in identity that resists time and preserves ancestral techniques and knowledges. The handmade, with human warmth, stamps the stamp of originality.
 Since the opening of the studio'sin 2010 - has won national and international awards and collaborates to strengthen the image of Brazilian design. It opens up routes for the dissemination of knowledge, where the combination of design and handicrafts results in consultations aimed at artisan communities. Each experience generates entrepreneurial opportunities and rescues individual and collective dreams. It also strengthens the belief in the skills inherited from the ancestors and projects self-esteem as fuel to enhance wealth that are at your fingertips, in the palm of your hands.

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