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The brand Sette7 is the achievement of an age-old dream of the architect Vivian Coser. Throughout her career, which started at a young age, Vivian noticed how much she loved to see her ideas being materialized in her projects. Guided by this feeling of affection, she decided to go beyond traditions and create something greater, drawing new cladding styles, studying new colors, patterns, decorative items, and mainly, creating furniture design! Therefore, Vivian Coser, in a partnership with her her sister Erika Coser, creates Sette7. Sette7 is a luxury brand that proposes a distinctive design, reflecting intrinsic features of the artistic identity of Vivian, head of the design. Tables, benches, dressers, consoles, among other pieces composed of carefully selected materials, such as natural wood veneer, metals and leather have been developed and tell the beginning of its history. The pieces feature a peculiar and timeless design carefully thought to combine lightness, quality, durability and movement.

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