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Designer and director of Reboh Design since 1996, Suzanne Reboh develops intense and purposeful unique designs and creative solutions. In recent years dedicated to the authorial creation of products for everyday life, where she expresses her cultural references and affective memories and creates functional products with meanings and history. The concept "design to last", which supports her projects, responds to the responsibility to bring a product to the world.

 Gaduated with honor in Design, collects cases and national and international awards of design in branding and products. Contributed in various Design Exhibitions such as Icograda, IF Hannover Exhibition Award, IF Design Selection 60 Years, IF Design Selection Brazil, Brazilian Design Biennial, Rio + Design, Europalia Brasilian Year in Belgium, São Paulo Brazil Design Week, Brazilian Object Museum, Museu da Casa Brasileira, Design Movelsul Salon, MON Oscar Niemeyer Museum and IED-Instituto Europeo di Design, Design Dialogue Brasil x Poland at MAM RJ-RIO DE JANEIRO Modern Art Museum and Museu Nacional Conjunto Cultural da República - Brasília. His work appears worldwide in publications on design.

 Suzanne identifies with natural materials and likes the idea of creating with as little interference as possible, exploring its nature. Its parts make up the minerals: silica and sand, glass and clay. She believes that design is a driver of human and social development: it provokes technological development, acts on behavioral concepts, is part of the cultural construction of peoples, promotes restlessness, questions, offers solutions - uses practically all sciences.

 Suzanne Reboh's talent was born with her, but professional training was the way to open doors and learn the techniques of improvement and mastery of the means. Reboh Design started developing projects for clients, which continues to happen today. The most important change was also to create your own brand, designing products based on observations, desires for improvements, cultural expressions. Design is part of Suzanne and her worldview.

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