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- We don't, but there is a guy in Brazil who does it like no one else - replied the second European factory sought by a Swiss citizen to develop furniture and design pieces in acrylic. The flattering indication reached the ears of the "guy", the 48-year-old São Paulo designer Wagner Archela, by the interlocutor himself, confirming the recognition of the trajectory he seems not to take so seriously: of being a magician of acrylic.

Wagner Archela says he dropped out of the civil engineering course to experience his dream of being an artist immersing himself in music. For six years, he played guitar and sang the blues professionally in prestigious places in São Paulo nightlife such as Bourbon Street, Palace and Aeroanta.

In his creative mind, musical sensitivity not only coexists with engineering construction techniques but is harmoniously integrated into his art-fact. From the beginning, he chose synthetic materials as an alternative to using wood, such as Corian Dupont, EVA and especially acrylic, which according to him, "It is a material with impressive characteristics.

The handling of acrylic is similar to carpentry work, its molecular structure also allows for hot molding, casting, polishing and multiple techniques that make acrylic one of the most versatile raw materials available".

Wagner Archela's self-taught and unusual training must be the explanation for such a cool design of trends. Wagner always brings elements of descriptive geometry governed by references to his past and to a universe of sensations. Only music as a transitional element between engineering and memory could transform its objects into design, that is, industrial art devoid of unnecessary adornments.

Creator of the prestigious Gisela, acrylic dressing table and mirror that mixes old lines - like grandma's furniture - with contemporary material. Among the highlights, the pieces made in metachrome - a more elaborate combination based on acrylic - Tina, Nina, Amy and Annie (tall), inspired by names in the music scene, with slender design like bodies dancing and singing.

He points out that the material that characterizes most of his work, acrylic, requires technical mastery and specific technology. This combined with a refined aesthetic sense.

"From an ugly product (the raw material oil), which comes from the bottom of the Earth, I make a beautiful object! This is working in an inverse, unusual way. Unlike those who work with wood, a beautiful material, I shoot beauty of something dead, lifeless "- concludes Archela, who awaits the recognition of his work by the grandchildren of his current clients.

Present at the Milan Salon since 2004 with pieces of furniture, the designer from São Paulo explains the new phase of his career and the factors that encouraged him to create a complete collection of lamps: "The lighting network is better assembled than the furniture network. All my furniture work is handcrafted, but the lighting network has a larger structure and a solid market, which I can compose, without abandoning the furniture one" - says.

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