How to get rid of water spots and heat stains on your wood furniture · Raiz Project

How to get rid of water spots and heat stains on your wood furniture

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November 29, 2019
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How to get rid of water spots and heat stains on your wood furniture - Raiz Project

Water stains on wooden furniture can be of two types: white and dark. Darkness is the result of water penetrating the floor and wood, for example, in the case of infiltration caused by potted plants. White occurs when moisture penetrates the coating, but not on the wood, for example, leaving a sweaty glass on the wood causes a white ring-shaped stain. If the furniture is old, consult a specialist before attempting to remove stains. Retouched furniture decreases in value.

A cigarette burn, for example, on wooden furniture, can ruin your appearance, especially if it is made of wood. The circular burning of the cigarette makes it clear that the furniture has been damaged. Fortunately, it is possible to remove this nasty mark from most furniture.

Removing white stains on wooden furniture

Use mineral oil on a soft cloth and gently rub the stain on the wooden furniture, let it sit overnight and repeat. If the oil does not work, use turpentine, which is a light solvent. When using, wear gloves and apply in a ventilated area, leaving it for just a few minutes. If the area is opaque after application, apply a layer of furniture varnish. If turpentine does not work, use a mixture of baking soda and toothpaste, without using toothpaste. Then clean the area with soap and oil and cover the wood with furniture wax.

Removing dark stains on wooden furniture with sandpaper


Removing dark stains on wooden furniture with bleach

Use bleach only if the stain is too deep on wooden furniture. Wear gloves and apply the product with a brush. Let it sit for a few hours. The stain should disappear and return to the original color of the wood, but be patient in this process. Using a sponge and water, clean the area and completely remove the bleach to prevent the wood from fading.

Apply vinegar to neutralize the action. Allow the wood to dry. Pass the wood dye and let it dry again. Brush thin layers of varnish, matching the original finish. Smooth the edges of the varnish with the number 0 steel wool to remove the protrusion between the old and new varnish. Furniture polishing wax.

Removing heat stains on wooden furniture

Scrape the burn off the wooden furniture with a curved blade knife. Remove as much as possible without damaging the wood too much. Sand the area around the stain with sandpaper to make the surface flat. Stop sanding if it starts to damage the wood around the stain.

Put a small amount of water on the stain to look for more burns. If the water makes the clean area look burnt again, continue sanding. Test again with water until the clean parts remain clean. Dry the area with a soft cloth. Moisten the cloth with turpentine and apply it to the burnt area. Let it dry. Use a brush to apply the original finish, varnish or lacquer, to the affected area. Let it dry. Clean the surface with a steel wool. Finish with waxing and polishing until the place looks like the rest of the wood.

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