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How to repair damaged wood furniture

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November 8, 2019
How to get rid of water spots and heat stains on your wood furniture - Raiz Project
How to get rid of water spots and heat stains on your wood furniture
November 30, 2019
How to repair damaged wood furniture - Raiz Project

Almost always fixing damaged wood furniture yourself is the best solution. Even the slightest damage, that little mark on the wood or the scratch on the side of the chair can get you crazy. After all, every furniture lover needs to have the “tricks” to deal with those little problems that arise in furniture and that you can not even notice, you keep thinking about it. First of all, it is worth remembering that all care is little and prevention is still the best medicine. To proceed with any solution presented here, apply as soon as you recognize the defect, and do not let the situation of the furniture get worse.

How to remove rust from iron parts in wood furniture

Rust is not just a matter of aesthetics. If not treated in time, it can seriously damage your wood furniture even on the toughest parts. This reaction needs only three ingredients to cushion: iron, water and air.
To reverse this, the internet offers more solutions than you can count on, and most of them, believe, hurt the piece a lot in the long run. Like the carbonated soda, baking soda, vinegar and anti-rust found out there.
The best solution to stop rust is in your own home and will only require 1 ingredient and 1 tool:

Lemon Toothbrush

Take the lemon and squeeze it over the rusty area. Let this solution work for about 15 minutes. After time, scrub a lot with the brush. You will see the lemon juice become brown as you rub it. Lemon, besides being one of the best foods in the world, is certainly a great natural way to remove rust. Remember to pay attention to the details to fix your furniture defects, since rust is a natural reaction of air contact with iron, you need to maintain the furniture.

How to repair stained or scratched wood furniture

Over time, some scratches may appear on the wood furniture surface and if it is left standing in the same place unused for a long time, too, as dirt can often be more corrosive than any other factor. To repair defects in the wooden part, start by cleaning well with a wet lint cloth in place. If possible, do this with a solution of detergent in water. Wipe dry immediately. Now, to treat the malfunction, there are some equally effective solutions.
Use black tea to mask hazards. No use of herbal tea or green tea; black tea produces the color that corresponds to the wood. Put the tea bag in a cup and pour two spoons of hot water (30 ml) over it. Leave for at least 2 minutes. If the wood is too dark, leave for at least 3 minutes. The more the bag is seated, the darker the color. Watch to see when the water is the color next to your wood. Next, dip a cotton swab or flexible stalk (the famous cotton swab) into the tea and rub it. Use paper towels to immediately remove any tea left on the wood surface so as not to stain it.

White spot removal on wood furniture

Use mineral oil on a soft cloth and gently rub the stain on the wood furniture, let stand for one night and repeat. If the oil does not work, use turpentine, which is a light solvent. When wearing, wear gloves and apply in a ventilated area, leaving it for just a few minutes. If the spot becomes opaque after application, apply a coat of furniture polish. If turpentine does not work, use a mixture of baking soda and toothpaste, not using toothpaste. Then clean the area with soap and oil and cover the wood with furniture wax.

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