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Alessandra Delgado

Architect Alessandra Delgado Using her background as an architect, Alessandra Delgado is dedicated to furniture and objects design since 1998.

Modernism is a strong influence in her creations carried with functionality and timelessness.

Her personal mission is to share the experience of a passionate drawing, in 100% authoral products.

Her office brand, called Alessandra Delgado Design, is based in São Paulo, Brazil, where the creations can be also appreciated at the exclusive store named by the brand.

The exquisite finish defines the straight line furniture of the designer. Since the late 90’s, she has customized its products as well as accompanying the manufacturing process.

One of her great successes is Buffet Lina, a tribute to the modernist traits of architect Lina Bo Bardi, who designed the São Paulo Art Museum, MASP, which opened in 1968 in São Paulo.

With the shavings side table, she won the Salão Design Móvel Sul award, 2012, in the removable furniture category for the international market.

Alessandra Delgado also designed the Lina sideboard, to revere this icon of Brazilian architecture. “The piece is inspired by the idea of MASP’s free span”, says the designer. In addition to elegance, functionality is an important feature in your creations, as well as beauty. “

A timeless design always remains interesting”, highlights Alessandra.

In general, her features are straight and very light. Nothing about the “weight” characteristic of solid wood or any other material or idea, style, history or fad that leads you to design something that is not modern and practical – which does not mean the absence of quality or good taste.

Working with a contemporary and handcrafted touch, her ideas seem to fit perfectly in today’s homes, in a practical, beautiful, well-resolved way, without affectations. And no modulation either: there is a lot of good design and a lot of personality in her pieces.

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