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Aristeu Pires

Recognized as one of the great names in Brazilian design, Aristeu Pires has built over 15 years a strong reputation in the national market.

Its furniture is in the main decoration stores in the country and in projects of the most important architecture offices, both residential and corporate.

Back to the industry in Canela, in the Serra Gaúcha, after a year of work in the United States, the designer launched a new furniture collection in early 2016, together with the inauguration of the brand’s concept showroom in Canela.

As a result of the work started in the United States, its first store abroad was also opened, in Chicago, in partnership with an investment group that plans even bigger leaps for the company around the world.

Known as the wizard of chairs, Pires believes in lasting pieces, as a work of art. For this reason, bet on simple and contemporary features in your creations, making them sophisticated.

Aristeu Pires believes that functionality is essential in today’s dynamics. In favor of a timeless design that combines with various styles, he proposes the concept of creating furniture that people want to have and that will also last forever.

Passionate about handcrafted woodwork, Aristeu Pires is responsible for striking design pieces through simplicity and lightness. Among many seat creations, the Ylla bench is the one that stands out most in Aristeu Pires’ curriculum.

Made with three different woods, imbuia, jequitibá and frejó, the Ylla bench can enter the category created by Aristeu Pires of a piece with “charm without ostentation”, with simple design, but that impresses.

Among her chairs, Claudia’s nominee won the most renowned award in the country, the Design Museum of the Brazilian House Award, granted by the Secretary of Culture of the State of São Paulo. Among other prominent pieces are the chairs Anita, Duda, Juliana and Duda.

Winner of national awards due to his simple, well thought out and well executed designs, Aristeu Pires bets on artisanal woodwork to compose his pieces. Check out this Westwing page a little more about the history of designer Aristeu Pires and find out about his outstanding pieces.

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Pires believes in the maxim that a work of art in decoration is one that we carry for life. With this concept, Aristeu Pires won the title of “chairman”.

His eponymous company works based on contemporary designs, simple features and sophisticated results.

Through his pieces, Aristeu Pires shows that he does not believe in fads and elaborate designs conceived with the concern for ostentation instead of comfort and practicality.

Aristeu Pires is respected for his work with lines, creating pieces that go from tables, through benches to benches. Preferring the creation of chairs, Aristeu Pires baptizes them with women’s names.

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