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Guto Índio da Costa

Guto Indio da Costa

INDIO DA COSTA A.U.D.T is an office with over 40 years of experience developing high impact projects for ARCHITECTURE, URBANISM, DESIGN AND TRANSPORT. A multidisciplinary strategic-creative nucleus, made up of designers, architects and city planners supported by various specialists.

Innovation is the driving force in the development of all projects. A methodology that combines different techniques, such as ethnographic research, workshops and interviews with consumer and stakeholder groups, integrating marketing, R&D and commercial, generating creative solutions aimed at meeting consumers’ wants and needs.

A commitment made to its clients for the commercial success of the projects. Born in Rio Grande do Sul, architect and urban planner Luiz Eduardo Indio da Costa, 80, one of the most influential names in the area in Brazil, carries in his curriculum the signature of stunning residences that integrate with respect to the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Today, he is in charge of the office, in partnership with his son, designer Guto Indio da Costa, and participates in various committees and councils focused on cities and architecture. From chairs to computers, and fans to yachts, the ability to work in different proportions and functions marks the portfolio of Rio de Janeiro’s Guto Indio da Costa.

The mix of news that comes out of his clipboard just proves it. In the streets of São Paulo, the new bus stops are a project of his own.

Considering the different regions of the city, he designed four types of shelter. Financial centers, such as Paulista Avenue, receive a high-tech model; historical regions, a more minimalist version, which barely interferes with the urban landscape.

Thus, from micro to macro, from shelves to street furniture, the designer follows in his search for contemporary solutions for products for private or collective use.

With dozens of national and international awards and mentions, Indio da Costa is undoubtedly one of the most important object design offices in the world.

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