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Studio Alfaia

Jaildo Lima is a graduate in Interior Design and has started a specialization in Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cuneo, Italy. Always motivated by creativity and freehand drawing skills, he has already got a degree in Fashion Design as well.

Leandra Fernandez, born in Mar del Plata, Argentina. Has a degree in Architecture and Urbanism. Daughter of a plastic artist, she has always been in touch with art and its creative process.

The name Alfaia is inspired by a typical instrument of the Maracatu, which is a very popular rhythm in Pernambuco and an important part of the Brazilian Northeast culture. Alfaia also means clothing, utensil and ornament.

Since 2018, the studio has attended to the most relevant fairs and design awards, as well as collaborate with some brands in Brazil and Dubai.

Studio Alfaia’s work reflects the diversity and cultural richness of the northeast region, which goes beyond its folk and popular manifestations.

In their pieces they interpret elements and experiences from different areas such as handcraft, cuisine and music.

Their creations mix brazilianess with concepts of a modern, sophisticated aesthetic and a striking visual appeal.

They manage to integrate various techniques and industrial processes to the traditions of handcraft and handmade culture, in order to translate these concepts into products that take simplicity and the awakening of memories.

They are always attentive to details, exalting the sensation of looking to the past without losing the focus on contemporary design.

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