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December 20, 2020
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December 21, 2020

Description Ava Armchair

In his first collection exploring woods as the main raw material, designer Guto Indio da Costa, in partnership with San German, presents the Machina & Manus collection, which addresses the relationships between human creation, authorship and craftsmanship, combined with manufacturing processes facilitated by digital technologies. In this case, counterpoints are combined – not in a confrontational way, but in a communion between the digital and manual universes.

The sensual and precise outlines that are typical of the works made by this Rio de Janeiro designer can be reproduced on a rather large scale by means of digital modeling and manufacturing processes that create these wooden items endowed with exceptional three-dimensional effects: these are chairs and armchairs sculpted to the extreme, with refined ergonomics and a technical-organic language that represents this kind of material cyborgism.

Therefore, Machina & Manus is the result of several years in the relationship between designs by Guto Indio da Costa and large-scale manufacturing and digital manufacturing processes, combined with San German’s top-quality woodworking.

The AVA armchair is part of this line, being presented in two versions: the first one is entirely made of wood, and the second one is made of a wooden structure with reinforced polyester upholstery for its backrest and seat. The use of polyester allows the backrest to be bent, which provides significant comfort without requiring any additional mechanisms.

Meet the Specification Ted of the Ava Armchair

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Height: 81cm Width: 74.02cm Length: 78.99cm

Raw Material Ava Armchair

Wood from sustainable forest management, with upholstered reinforced polyester backrest and seat.

Do you want to get in touch directly with the Brazilian designer of the Ava Armchair?

Brazilian Designer: Indio da costa

Instagram: @Indiodacosta

Site: indiodacosta.com


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