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Angela Chair
November 22, 2020
Luisa chair
November 22, 2020

Description Belt chair

Brazil is a country rich in culture inherited from the miscegenation. The Brazilian learned the act of sitting looking for the past and for their culture but also adapting to their surrounding.

For this exposure I’ve chosen to show the Belt chair, with its high backrest and drawing that alludes to beach chairs, ideal to relax and adaptable to any space. For this seat and backrest I opted for using the safety belt. The polyester, the range of colors, the function transgression and the reuse, led me to chose it. The reference used for the strips was indigenous baskets from the Tukano tribe, the purest form of handicraft in our country.

Meet the Specification Ted of the Belt chair

Raw Material Belt chair

Stainless steel, polyester seatbelt.

Do you want to get in touch directly with the Brazilian designer of the Belt chair?

Brazilian Designer: Carol Gay

Instagram: @carolgay

Pintrest: CarolGay



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