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Angela Chair
November 22, 2020

Description Bruna Chair

For me the Brazilian’s way of sitting has swing, is relaxed, irreverent and sensual.

In the coziness of the unexpected backrest, the “Bruna” Chair embraces with delicacy who seats and they swing together.

Its curves have the Brazilian women’s femininity, alludes to our warm universe with metal options that were chosen to compose the finishing options palette with colored fabrics, such as blue.

Meet the Specification Ted of the Bruna Chair

brazilian chair blue

Width: 50 cm Height: 80 cm Length: 55 cm

Weight: 6kg

Raw Material Bruna Chair

Solid steel frame with liquid paint, plywood seat coated with foam and a choice of fabrics.

Do you want to get in touch directly with the Brazilian designer of the Bruna Chair?

Brazilian Designer: Alessandra Delgado


Pintrest: alessandradelgadodesign



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