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December 21, 2020
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Tiras Chair
December 24, 2020

Description Chase Longue Wave

The Brazilian People are warriors and hard workers and restoring the energies is very important in order to face a day after the other. Created in a year of design and well-being, Chaise Longue Wave was conceived to go beyond decoration, and to create the experience of sitting and resting after a long day of work.

Its traces are an invite to laziness.

Meet the Specification Ted of the Chase Longue Wave

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Height: 90cm Width: 63cm Length: 149cm

Raw Material Chase Longue Wave

Certified solid wood, elastic straps on the backrest/seat, which coated with high density foam and fabric.

Do you want to get in touch directly with the Brazilian designer of the Chase Longue Wave?

Brazilian Designer: Larissa Batista

Instagram: @larissabatista

Pinterest: LarissaBattista



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