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Brazilian design Carpela Shelf
Carpela Shelf
January 14, 2021
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Chair pipa
January 17, 2021

Description Domed Armchair

The shape of the Domed Armchair was inspired by the Domes of the Gothic Churches.

The arches of the armrests appear reproducing these elements, bringing a lot of personality to the piece.

The cast brings lightness and contrasts with the backrest filled with a maxi tricot weave.

The seat appears with a surface that combines comfort and dynamics, balancing the structure that is both light and striking at the same time.

An irreverent and personality-filled armchair, it is a design piece that decorates any room with style.

For lovers of architecture and design the Domed Armchair represents those who value these elements without losing the focus on comfort.

Meet the Specification Ted of the Domed Armchair

Brazilian Design Domed Armchair

Height:  Width:  Length:

Raw Material Domed Armchair


Do you want to get in touch directly with the Brazilian designer of the Domed Armchair?

Brazilian Designer: Studio Alfaia

Instagram: @Studioalfaia



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