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Description Flor Chair

Feminine, delicate and practical. The Flower armchair has a connection with the modern Brazilian women’s way of sitting. Sinuous lines translate the essence of commodity and well-being to the piece – With rotating feet, its side view alludes to a flower petal. The details in natural wood frame the arms that impress strength and personality in the drawing and provide comfort and fluidity to the armchair.


Meet the Specification Ted of the Flor chair

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Width: 25.6″ Height: 31.5″ Length: 26″

Raw Material Flor Chair

Swivel arms and feet made from certified reforested Tauari wood.

Back with natural cinnamon veneer. Upholstered internal back and seat.

Do you want to get in touch directly with the Brazilian designer of the Flor Chair?

Brazilian Designer: Marta Manente

Instagram: @studiomartamanente

Facebook: studiomarta.manente

Site: martamanente.com.br


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