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January 23, 2021
Chair Grão
April 21, 2021

Description Light fixture Congonhas

Winner of the European Design Award in 2018, the “Congonhas” lamp is inspired by the wings of the Boeing 737-800. Made of walnut or American oak, it is equipped with LED lighting technology of adjustable intensity and is available in three different sizes.

Meet the Specification Light fixture Congonhas

Light fixture congonhas brazilian design

Length (mm): P: 500 mm | M: 670 mm | G: 820 mm

Height (mm): P: 380 mm | M: 380 mm | G: 380 mm

Width (mm): P: 500 mm | M: 670 mm | G: 820 mm

Weight (kg): S: 30 Kg | M: 40 kg | L: 50 kg

Raw Material Light fixture Congonhas

Cork, Walnut and Freijó

Do you want to get in touch directly with the Brazilian designer of the Light fixture Congonhas ?

Brazilian Designer: Gisela Simas

Facebook: originalandpracticaldesign

Instagram: originalpracticaldesign



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