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December 31, 2020
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January 9, 2021

Description Pazetto Armchair

Originally conceived as an work of art inspired by “paideia”, the Greek concept of education related to ethics that values the presence of mistakes as adjustments on one’s formation, the armchair was assembled with more than 200 pencils and 20 white rubber blades as requested by the creative director Carlos Pazetto, for the event that celebrated the launching of the pen of the year “Graf Von Faber Castell.”

Later adapted for the furniture, the pencils were replaced by rigid plates and screws. Pazetto Armchair was consecrated in the international scenario when published in the cover of the special autumn edition of the new yorker magazine Interior Design.

In this edition, specially re-designed for the Apex-Brasil travelling exhibition, the designer Wagner Archela celebrates “the Brazilian way of sitting” through its concept of wide design that contemplates not only the creative insight, but the rationalization of industrial techniques, the use of simple raw materials and eco-friendly, and a clean drawing, without unnecessary ornaments that express with elegance vanguard traces inspired in the Brazilian modernism in the 50’s.

Meet the Specification Ted of the Pazetto Armchair

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Height: 75cm Width: 70cm Length: 80cm

Raw Material Pazetto Armchair

Recycled medium density wood fiber laminates.

Do you want to get in touch directly with the Brazilian designer of the Pazetto Armchair?

Brazilian Designer: Wagner Archela

Instagram: @wagner_archela



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