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December 26, 2020
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Description Rango Stool

The Brazilian people are famous to be friendly and with that mood that Rango stool was created. The name allures to it, an informal form of banquet, dinner. A small stool to be carried anywhere, in a simple way and with a whole in the middle in order to ease transportation We always have room for someone else at the table, at a bar gathering. The Rango stool is a form of celebrating traditions, the gatherings with friends, eating, drinking and laughing. The solid wood seat is worked with an ancient technique thinning up to reach a comfortable curve, and the feet, also solid, also honors the trees and its beautiful structures full of branches, the creator’s trademark.

Meet the Specification Ted of the Rango Stool



Raw Material Rango Stool

Solid wood frame and seat, raw material from sustainable management forest.

Materials and finishes: Wood

Catuaba, Cumaru, Roxinho (FSC certified)

Do you want to get in touch directly with the Brazilian designer of the Rango Stool?

Brazilian Designer: Paulo Alves

Instagram: @pauloalvesdesign

Pinterest: pauloalvesdsgn

Site: pauloalves.com.br


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