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Pazetto Armchair
December 31, 2020
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Wood Sideboard Agreste
January 11, 2021

Description Ted dining chair

The Ted Dining Chair, one of its characteristics is its structure made in CNC of 4 axes, the multilaminated backrest and the wood selected for the creation of this piece of Brazilian design Augusto Crespi is Jequitibá Natural.

The Ted Dining Chair, has its design and practicality, where it joins with technology and the manufacturing method.

Meet the Specification Ted dining chair

brazilian chair ted dining chair Augusto Crespitor technical dimension








Width: 51 cm

Height: 82 cm and 42 cm

Length: 51 cm

Raw Material Ted dining chair


Where to Buy a Ted Dining Chair in Brazil?



Cadeira de jantar ted


Mesa de Jantar Retangular Yala
Mesa Lateral Yala
Poltrona Hermes
Poltrona Anaka


Poltrona Hollie Decorativa com base de madeira
Poltrona decorativa solon com base demadeira e fivela em couro marrom
Sofa Living Gold com pes de madeira pecaassinada por designer
Sofa Retratil Orion-3 lugares com pes de madeira
Sofa Austin 3 Lugares
Sofa Burton Design com pes de madeira peça assinada por design Augusto Crespi 


Mesa Redonda de madeira macica 70cm quadra 4021 tampo chanfrado redondo amendoa
Cadeira para restaurante de madeirated empilhavel 1012 am sem apoio para bracos e assento estofado tecido

Do you want to get in touch directly with the Brazilian designer of the Ted dining chair?

Brazilian Designer: Augusto Crespi


Site: augustocrespi.com


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