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December 24, 2020
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December 25, 2020

Description To Be Happy Table

“Para ser feliz” (To be happy) points the new furniture collection drawn by the architect Leo Romano and witness this joy of life.

Are 14 unprecedented pieces, whose drawing is defined by few lines and forms with rounded finishing. The execution in manual carpentry confers to each products the characteristic of a unique piece. The wood is the main raw material.

However, in some of the collection pieces, the material is interleaved with transparent resin and upholstery.

“Para ser feliz” (To be happy) subjugates the primary function of the object and places it as a need the pleasure of things.

For the author, the aesthetic is a human need and an element of constant interest. It makes the form the path to a reflection.

Maybe because of that, it was inside Leo’s head, in his subconscious or visual directory, connector elements of life’s pleasures.

Rounding is remember us of what makes us happy. This is the feeling offered, present in this new creation. Pieces that transmit joy. Smooth “Shapes” that communicate us over the simple pleasures, daily life and what feeds the soul.

Paraphrasing Ferreira Gullar: “art exists because life is not enough”.

In my opinion, we have a preference for more natural materials such as wood, straw, leather. This, in a general way, tends to be more comfortable and brings with it some characteristics that transmit much of those ideas of comfort. I think that the “Brazilian’s Way of Sitting” brings much of this heritage of natural materials.


Meet the Specification Ted of the Table To Be Happy


Raw Material Table To Be Happy

Eucalipto e acrílico certificados.

Do you want to get in touch directly with the Brazilian designer of the Table To Be Happy?

Brazilian Designer: Leo Romano

Instagram: @leoromanoarquitetura



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