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Reasons prove that brazilian contemporary furniture will be the best in the world

Advantages of Brazilian furniture
September 16, 2019
Learn about Brazil’s contemporary design - Project Raiz
Learn about Brazil’s contemporary design
September 20, 2019
Contemporary furniture - Raiz Project

Brazilian furniture is the last major discovery of style. But about the future of its design, the country is in a process. It still takes time to convince a customer that it is necessary to do differently. And doing different is not easy, easy is to do the common. Brazilian design has its value, a very different look, so you need to have a little more bet and investment.

Over the last few years we have noticed that more and more Brazilian designers are causing fuss at fairs, from ICFF to Maison Object.
The work of leading designers are being recognized for what they are – an important part of mid-century modern style aesthetic canons. There is a growing demand for mid-century and contemporary design from Latin America and Brazil specifically judging by its strong presence at Design Miami, the annual furniture design event taking place in Miami Beach, and in another many galleries and exhibitions worldwide.

The “joke” with its forms and use of unusual materials are two of the main features of brazilian furniture also increasingly the concern with sustainability becomes one of the great differentials of Brazilian designers, which makes people acquire not only a design furniture item, but also an awareness idea. 

As we know, the use of wood is very important in our daily lives, and that’s why we need to worry about its preservation – furniture produced by sustainable system is the best solution. With the concern and the need to offer sustainable products, little by little, the furniture companies adapt and pursue economically and environmentally sound practices. Today, it is already possible to find in the market several options of materials like this, without losing the beauty or functionality. 

To be sustainable, it is necessary not to have an exploratory logging, but a concern with reforestation. In addition to the small sustainable habits that we adopt in our routine, when it comes to purchasing products and services for our home, we can also contribute to the sustainable development of the country. For this, it is important to always make the right choices, that is, prioritize brands/designers that care about the environment and avoid harming it.

This is one of the biggest attractions of the new crop of brazilian furniture designers and perhaps the biggest reason why the sector has been so prominent around the world. After all, is there anything more important today than thinking about the future of the planet and how we inhabit it and make use of raw materials?

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