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What skills do you need to be a furniture designer?

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A furniture designer is the one who introduces people to beauty, relaxation and modernism. Thus, it is a profession that receives wide attention around the world today, as people’s interest in having a nice and attractive design for their structures is increasing.

But in fact, all the glam that surrounds this profession or more precisely, art craft, overshadows the range of skills developed through perception and of course hard research, study and dedication. After all, it is about finding creative and innovative design solutions for environments while worrying about the minds, health, safety and well-being of customers – that is, improving the quality of life as a whole – and it needs tireless dedication. The furniture designer is much more than just aesthetics.

Technical skills of a furniture designer

The furniture designer must be able to apply various techniques that contribute to the planning and development of parts. He performs standardized sketches, perspectives and drawings of planned furniture, volumetric studies and models, applies ergonomic aspects to the design, research and defines materials, hardware and accessories that will be used, takes care of the standardized technical documentation, monitors the furniture production processes and applies the concepts of sustainability to furniture development, among other functions.

Furniture designer: ergonomics and aesthetics

This professional must have good logical reasoning applied in the area and be interested in landscaping, ergonomics and aesthetics. Some people claim that knowing how to draw is fundamental to acting as a furniture designer, but free design is not as essential for professional practice. Of course, having a good design background is important, but software designed for 2D, 3D design, and project development helps the hard work of this professional. With this in mind, this professional plays an important role in everyday life.

Professionals need to be highly collaborative

However, as no one can master all knowledge, the furniture designer must develop his strengths, recognize his weaknesses and surround himself with people who possess the qualities necessary to form a well-balanced work team. The commercial interior designer requires complex coordination and often involves a lot of teamwork. To work in this area, professionals need to be highly collaborative, practical and flexible, and knowledgeable about the most important legislation, standards and codes.

General skills of a furniture designer

A furniture designer currently work in partnership with engineers, architects, contractors, craftsmen, furniture traders, business owners and homeowners – a designer is expected to be able to: be empathetic with the customer, put himself in his shoes to be able to really understand what his wants and needs are.

In addition to creativity, a good eye and style, an open perspective and a flexible approach are important features. The ability to face challenges and be attentive to detail is paramount, as is persistence and a sense of humor. One of the key aspects of this profession is the interpersonal relationship, which involves clients, contractors, suppliers and other specialists who are part of the project team. The ability to establish a pleasant relationship, but with the necessary authority, is critical to the success of a project.

While many professionals in other industries need to have a specific approach, the furniture designer must have a broad and multidisciplinary vision and, for that, need the dexterity and versatility to move through different disciplines.

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