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Wood furniture: decor ideas for living green

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December 15, 2019
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Wood furniture - Raiz Project

Sustainability is a topic that draws everyone’s attention; more than a fashion theme, it is a matter of conscience, which must be applied in all sectors. That is why thinking about sustainable wooden furniture in the decoration is so important.

Decoration and decoration

The decoration to be considered sustainable must follow the tripod of social, environmental and economic concern. When designing an interior design or decorating the house, it is necessary to reassess the concepts, be aware of the environmental and social impact generated and take into account the users’ health.

Today, many architects and decorators are thinking sustainably and looking for ways to bring beauty, comfort and modernity to their projects without harming nature or causing the least possible impact. And this is a trend that has no going back. Then, when you dive right in, you discover a new world of simple, creative and beautiful ideas.

Refurbish old wooden furniture, shop at antique stores and reuse items from the trash. Various options for transforming objects are available on the internet. Be careful when reusing toothpicks and boxes from fairs, as they may be infested with drills and termites.

Wood boxes

Simple, practical and very versatile wooden boxes are undoubtedly the wild card for any style of sustainable decoration. This wooden box that you find in any fair or supermarket is already a classic of reuse and personalized wall for the nightstands. Just sand, varnish and go! You can also paint, put stylized feet or even have several boxes to create different shapes and heights for your nightstand.

Furniture made with pallets is also a favorite in sustainable decoration. Wooden pallets are very durable and have good durability, ideas for creating furniture that requires more support, such as sofas or beds. This type of furniture combines with a light and natural decoration, especially if you decide to keep the pallets in their natural color. The seat can be made with futon pillows or a mattress that you no longer use. Versatility is the key word to describe these pieces.

The maxim of architecture “Less is more” also serves to decorate wooden furniture

Reduce, but without sacrificing warmth, of course. Before buying, ask if the item will be used for a long period of time or if something will be discarded soon. Avoid throwing anything away, it is a sustainable attitude! Put your creativity to work and give new uses to pieces that would have the waste as a destination. You can reuse wooden boxes, aluminum cans, jugs and bottles of different sizes and shapes, PVC tubes, old fabrics, etc.

Choose sustainable products and materials

Several items must be observed when purchasing a material for its sustainable decoration, from its origin, the social and environmental concern of the supplier, to the packaging. Learn to choose. Attention to the use of wood! Use only certified, demolition or reforestation wood.

Health care

Indoor air quality is an important issue as we spend most of our time indoors. Several factors affect air quality, from excess moisture, smoke, cleaning material, pollution that passes through shoes to the choice of materials. Look for formaldehyde-free materials and use low-VOC, water-based paints and varnishes.

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    • Handmade wooden furnishings and hand woven fabrics have been changed by materials like iron, steel and
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    Most fashionable furnishings make use of bold and stable colors like black, crimson, grey, or metallic colours matched with white.
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